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Here are some locally written or modified utilities that you might find useful. All the code here is freeware of one sort or another; check copyrights in the individual packages for details.



autoreply is a rate-limited email autoresponder.


mdforward is a mail forwarding and delivery utility, suitable for calling from a .forward file with sendmail.

mdforward is particularly useful in the presence of virtual domains, where all mail for a domain is delivered to one account as it allows mail to different users in the domain to be handled independently.

mdforward supports reliable loop detection (via Delivered-to:) and preserves the envelope sender when forwarding mail, so loops are not created.


majordomo-inject is a bulk mailer for integrating majordomo and qmail.

Source changes are not required to either qmail or majordomo.


This is the 4.4BSD su code enhanced to use an access list to provide access to accounts for particular users. Unlike sudo it doesn't try to restrict the commands that can be run, but the source is small enough that you can review it. (You will do that, won't you!)



This is a perl 5 re-write of Todd Atkin's "swatch" (syslog watcher) program as presented at LISA in '93. This version is substantially a rewrite to eliminate some problems, but it does offer the facility to monitor multiple files simultaneously.


HP-UX machine configuration

This shell script provides a report on the configuration of a HP-UX machine. The motivation was the question "What do I need to know to rebuild/repair this machine?".

The script was written for 9.X and 10.X. It still works, but isn't what you would term up to date. In particular, it has never heard of alternate paths for LVM, knows nothing about DLKMs for 11.X and probably more things.

I suggest using this script for reference only. A more appropriate design these days would produce HTML in individual files rather than something designed for printing. Sending a printout off with the offsite backups was a useful part of our disaster recovery plan when I wrote it.


CTMkit for NetBSD

The CTM program was written by Poul-Henning Kamp and is distributed with FreeBSD. This is a port for NetBSD and is configured to install under /usr/local.


I also distribute NetBSD-current source via CTM.

spacemon (disk space monitor) utility

This is a utility (or maybe just a hack) that can be helpful if run from cron to answer the question "Where did the 800Mb we had yesterday go?"

This utility is very lightly documented.


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