mdforward installation

The current version of mdforward doesn't include a setup script. However, there are only five files to install and one control directory to create.

Further setup then depends on the number of user accounts requiring non-default mail delivery.

These install notes presume that you have telnet access to the server you wish to install mdforward on.

login and unpack

After downloading the software it must be unpacked and configured.

The unpacked files are:


At and on most other Unix systems, unpack the distribution with:

% uncompress < mdforward-1.1.tar.Z | tar xvf -

Some browsers will automatically uncompress the file for you. If this is the case you need to skip the uncompress part of the command. Try with uncompress first, and if that complains then try this command:

% cd
% tar xvf mdforward-1.1.tar

If you are uploading individual files, note that the mdforward script must be executable and the other files readable, at least by the owner. If uploading from a PC or Mac, be careful about carriage returns. All mdforward control files can cope with carriage returns at the end of lines, but perl will complain if these are present in the mdforward script itself.

None of the files need be writable once installed.

The next step is configuration.